Month: January 2017

Progress Report

Guitars are about 97% done. Keyboards are at about 50-60% done. We still have some fun percussion tidbits and such to track, but it’s getting much closer! Sounds nifty thus far too.
From John:¬†Weekend successes with the band: finished about 50-60% of my synth tracks, basic album artwork concepts agreed upon, proper pronunciation of ‘rice pilaf’ identified. Next week, hopefully the majority of the remaining tracks will be done, basic mixing can ensue, various phonetics further solidified.

Pictured above: John is either rocking out while tracking his parts or he’s being shot at with a nerf gun while tracking his parts.


Guitar tracking is well underway (a bit past 50%). There have been some other things recorded here and there as well.
We should be fully into tracking keyboards and some percussion accoutrements over the next few sessions. It is coming together and sounding good!
Hopefully some samples, info and such can be shared soon.

*pictured above – some of the guitar amps/speakers and effects pedals being used.

HNY! Mo-Bass

Happy New Year!
Bass tracking is winding down (Charlie pictured above finding the right EQ and grit settings to a part).
Keys and guitars are to follow!