10/18/2016 - Digits are being put to disk!

09/04/2014 - He's back! We're thrilled to welcome Tim Miller back to Ephemeral Sun.

07/12/2014 - We're writing and working on new material.

Harvest Aorta



"This is one of the most pleasing bodies of art rock to pass this way for a long time, and will doubtlessly feature on a majority of the "Best-of-2010" lists. And it just might require a crow bar to get it out of the CD player." Sea of Tranquility

"Harvest Aorta is a complete success..." Cangamers.com

"Ephemeral Sun should be applauded for this ambitious venture..." Dutch Progressive Rock Page

"Epic Is One Word, Showing Off Is Two." Don't Count On It

"Once I put the album on I knew I had found a band that really knows how to create some atmosphere with their music..." Metal Reviews