Happiness is *so* 2016.

The Lord of Hounds is making itself known. The aural embodiment of all those things, both tangible and otherwise, that press down upon us in life. The sum total, unavoidable and inevitable, waiting to tuck you in at bedtime and to greet you at sunrise.

Ephemeral Sun’s new album is a caricature of this stress in five dimensions. From the “disagree to disagree” pushback of Discordance through the title track’s bipolar disorder and all points between, the music seeks to describe that particular familiar sense of unease.

Musically, the past remains present: complex, atmospheric and symphonic textures across the board. As with Harvest Aorta the primary ingredient is rock, blended into metal, jazz, ambient, electronica, and more with reckless abandon. More than a decade on, a shared language has emerged within the band that infuses the songs with a distinct signature. But the glasses are of a slightly darker tint this time around: more moments are laced with overdrive and crunch. Anxiety and melancholy runs throughout. A few hardcore fans might even pick up a hint of Broken Door’s slightly gothic attitude. Your lover has rediscovered heavy black eyeliner, and dusted off the old Cure vinyl for one more trip down memory lane.

With the release of Lord of Hounds, Ephemeral Sun encourages the walls to close in on all sides.

John Battema – Keyboards
Charles Gore – Bass Guitars
Tim Miller – Drums
Brian O’Neill – Guitars